Benjamin Rubenstein, author of TWICE How I Became A Cancer-Slaying Super Man Before I Turned 21, was a happy-go-lucky 16-year-old in the Washington DC suburbs when his hip began to hurt. A serious tennis player, a star student, the only kid in his class with a car and the darling of some very cute girls, Benjamin had everything going for him. But he found out fast that his pain was coming from a rare form of cancer - Ewing's sarcoma - that attacks growing boys. He spent the next year at the National Institutes of Health where every tactic of modern medicine was applied to save his life. It worked. Ben won his first battle with cancer.
        Winning was always on Benjamin Rubenstein's mind. After he beat cancer, he did not keep up with the kids he had met during his treatment at NIH. Benjamin believed that he was no Sick Kid but a super-powered hero who had a unique ability to withstand the toxic chemicals of cancer therapy and preserve his healthy cells while zapping the round-celled malignancy that had invaded his body. Benjamin did not identify with cancer victims. He was a winner, and he continued the fight alone. He went on to the University of Virginia despite losing a year of high school to cancer treatment.
        Then, the most common of blood tests - the CBC, or Complete Blood Count - changed everything. It showed that his bone marrow was dying without his even knowing it. Ben was already mentally preparing himself for going to battle with his second severe illness. He was the self-proclaimed Greatest Cancer Patient Ever and had to live up to his reputation. And for the second time, he did. Benjamin survived cancer. Twice.

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TWICE How I Became A Cancer-Slaying Super Man Before I Turned 21 (ISBN: 978-0-9786472-9-2) is available from Woodley Books for $32.00.