"Generally, one of the hardest things in the world to do is something twice."
- Lance Armstrong, Not About the Bike, 2000
"An inspiring and fascinating personal account of a long and often painful journey that would appeal to other patients and their families." - Jodith Janes, Library Journal

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TWICE How I Became A Cancer-Slaying Super Man Before I Turned 21 (ISBN: 978-0-9786472-9-2) is available from Woodley Books for $32.00.

        Teenager Benjamin Rubenstein, author of TWICE How I Became A Cancer-Slaying Super Man Before I Turned 21, went through a year of harrowing treatment at the National Institutes of Health after he developed Ewing's sarcoma. He survived, only to be struck down by cancer again at 19 while attending the University of Virginia. After another round of treatment, this time at the University of Minnesota, he survived again. To endure such fear and pain not once but twice, Benjamin Rubenstein, like Clark Kent, had to develop an alter ego. This device of the cancer-slaying Superman, drawing on the comic book hero's Jewish roots, enabled Benjamin Rubenstein to set aside self-pity and focus on the annihilation of the round cells that were attacking his body.
        Like many bright boys of his generation, Benjamin Rubenstein embraces genetics, probability, pharmacology and psychology with a sophistication that was unknown to earlier generations of cancer survivors. The spiritual solace to cancer sufferers in middle age was not available to a young man like Benjamin Rubenstein. The ironic optimism expressed in so many cancer memoirs was lost on him. All he had was an athlete's single-mindedness and the quantitative skills he was learning as an engineering student to bring him to remission. At the dawn of his adult life, Benjamin Rubenstein was not about to be struck down by the disease of "men when they retire." He doesn't try to figure out why he got sick or what he did wrong. Instead, his hospital odyssey challenges this habit of thought in a text that is daring, detailed and impudent. WoodleyBooks.com